Anne Harila, President of EMLA Scandinavia, Vice President of EMLA.

Anne is one of the pioneers in laser therapy. She was the 4th and the youngest in Western Europe, and the first in Scandinavia to spread Low-Level-Lasertreatments.

Harila has worked with lasers since 1973, but opened her first clinic in Norway in 1979.

Harila still remains one of the most popular and respected speakers within Laser therapy, having attended lots of laser conventions.



Lasertherapist Anne Harila, Born 5th of August 1952, in Vadsø, Norway
Work: Laserklinikken Anne Harila UK LTD, Sandvika, Baerum, Norway.

September 1973 - started studies about LLLT- and treatments for wounds and exema.
HE-Ne lasers 632,8 nm from 2 mw to 6 mw.
Was also in seminars with Nicolai G. Basov and Alexander M. Phokorov in Quantum radiopsysik, and Quantum electronics.

In 1973 Presentation by Dr. Injushin, og his team from Alma Ata LLLT-laser- 632,8 nm
1974, 1975, 1976, 1977, 1978 practical work for different diagnosis: Herpes simplex, herpes zoster, Post herpes zoster, Facialis parese, Trigeminusneurlagi, Astma, Sinusitis, Migrain cervical, Migraine acuta, Rheumatoid Arthritis, m.m. Neuraltreatments for different disturbness in the nerves. Joint and muscles, tendinitis, knee-arthrosis, achilles problems, backpain, spinal cord, prolapse neck and lumbal.
In the years from 1974 to 1978 held many meetings for doctors and health workers about CO-2 lasers in the medicine, and Low Level Laser Treatments in Germany, Austria, Hungary, Romania, Spain, Jugoslavia, for presentations and promoting lasertreatments.
1976: Oktober: Der Europaischen Gesellschaft in Budapest, damages after x-rays. Laser treatments of skin Ulcers caused by X-ray with prof. Mester and Fowler.
1979. Opened Laserclinic in Norway for pain and rehabilitation.
1980: Arranged laser seminars in Norway for healthworkers.
1981: Teaching and held 8 seminars in Sweden for dentists, nerve damages and periodontitis.
In Taby Tandvårdsteam, Stockholm.
1982: Dentists association in Norway, work-shop and periodontitis-and nerve damages in the mouth.
1983: Laser Congress in Sandvika, Norway for doctors, nurses and other healtworkers.
1984: Austrian Television program for the lasertreatments in dermatology.
1984: Received Cooperating University of America diploma.
1984: Munchen: Herpes Zoster, treatments with 632,8 nm and 820 nm.
1984: Munchen- Laser Congress/ meeting speaking about LLLT- Low Level Laser in membranprosesses in nervecells, 820 nm
1984: Wien: Laser and the acupuncture points, and the effect with 6 mw He-Ne 632,8 nm.
1985 Laser Congress in Madrid, arranged of the University in Madrid,
LLLT- lasers Alopecia Areata, this lession was later published i medical journal, Tribuna Medica in 1985.
1985: Arranged Laser Congresses in Oslo Norway.
1985: Helsinki- for dentist, 820 nm and 632,8 nm nerve damages.
1986: Arranged Laser Congresses in Oslo- Norway for health workers, doctors, nurses, m.m.
1987: Oslo, Norway: Seminars- in nervesdisturbness with Laseracupuncture (laserpuncture).
1988: Munchen and Wien: LLLT- 820 nm for spinal cord, scoliosis.
1990: Stockholm, Swedish Laser Medical Association, speaking: Use of LLLT- lasers in the medicine.
1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, Teaching fysioterapists in Lasertreatments for sports damages,
practical work with LLLT-lasers in clinic/ auditorium in Sandvika, Norway.
1997: Seminars in dermatology Romania, class 4 lasers- CO-2 – Nd-Yag-hair removal Erb. Yag, Nd-Yag Q-switched,
2010: Laser Bucharest:
Fractional CO-2 laser for Various Pathologies,
Low Level Laser to avoid “side effects” after CO-2 and other class 4 laser treatments.

Low Level Laser for Chronical Sinusitis
Tattoo removal with Q-switched ND: Yag laser.
Low Level Laser for frozen shoulder
Low Level Laser for fractures
Treating hip pain arthrosis with Low Level Laser
Knee pain and kneearthrosis treatments with Low Level Laser - 40200 knees treated
Head pain caused by eye muscles stiffness; LLLT for the eye muscles
LLLT for Facial Paresis and Trigeminal Neuralgia
Laser treatments for Asthma using LLLT and dIvergent CO2
CO2 and Low Level Laser treatments for Neck and Back Pain - 120.000 treatments for neck and back pain Anne HARILA
Tattoo removal with Q-switched Nd:Yag 1064 nm laser
Hair removal with Laser Diode from white and black skin
Treatments with Laser Diode for ingrown hairs and abscesses
Laser treatments for keloid scars after operation, and painful scars after surgery.
CO2 laser for foot warts
Low Level Laser treatments for Migraine and other head pain
CO2 and Low Level Laser treatments for Neck and Back Pain - 120.000 treatments for neck and back pain
2011: Laser Helsinki : Hair removal with 1064 nm diode laser- laser safety for teeth and implantates.
2012: Laser Kroatia: LLLT- for Scoliosis
2012: Laser Helsinki: LLLT for Scoliosis.
2012 Highschool for nurses, HIBU, in city Drammen: Class 4 lasers, hair removal, tattoo-removal, skin tightening.
2013: Laser-Kroatia: Facialis Parese- LLLT laser.