President Lithuanian Physical Society


Juozas Vidmantis Vaitkus was born in Kedainiai (Lithuania) in 1941.

He received the diploma of Physicist (Semiconductor Physics) in 1963

and the Ph.D. degree in Physics (theses “Transient photo conductivity in CdSe crystals and polycrystallinelayers”, 1967, that included the results of work in N.Basov laboratory (Moscow)) at Vilnius University.

He was for post-doctoral studies in Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm.

The Dr. Sc. degree in Semiconductor and Dielectric Physics received after defence of theses “Non-linear photo conductivity and related phenomena in highly excited by laser radiation semiconductors” in 1978 was awarded by VAK USSR.

He works in a research position of Department of semiconductorphysics since 1967, since 1977 he is a head of this Department, since of 1992 he is a directorofInstituteof Materials Science and Applied Research and since 1994 he is a Head of Material Research Department.

During his research work he spent a few periods in The Royal institute of technology in Stockholm, Linkoping (Sweden), Prague (Chech Republic), Frankfurt/Main (Germany), Strasbourg (France), Notre Dame (USA) and Glasgow (UK) universities as a visiting scientist or visiting professor. He was elected as a Honorary visiting professor at Glasgow university (1997-2003).

He is professor of Vilnius University since 1980 and was elected as a tenure in 1993. Since 1985 he is elected as a corresponding member of Lithuanian Academy of Sciences.

Prof. J. V. Vaitkus received a few national and state awards for scientific achievements, his scientific research results were published in one monograph and more than 250 papers and presented as more than 200 contributions at the Conferences.

His 26 doctoral students defended doctor altheses (PhD), four of them received Dr. Sc. degree.