International LASER MEDICAL CONGRESS, Norway

the 16th and 17th September 2016

     Program Chairperson: Anne Harila, EMLA

Congressvenue: Oslofjord Thon Hotel
September  16-17, 2016, Sandvika, Norway


PROGRAM: Friday 16th of September.



 08.00 Registration


 08.30 Welcome speak and opening the congress.


08.45 Medical laser physics.  Prof.Juozas V. Vaitkus (President of Lituanian Physics  Society)


09.30 Coffee/ Tee break. Fruit.


09.45   Cervix‘s pathology diagnostics by fluorescence spectroscopy

  1.    Vaitkuviene1, V. Gegzna1,2, R.Kurtinaitiene3, J. V.Vaitkus1

             Vilnius University,1 Institute of Applied Research ; 2Natural Science Faculty and 3GK Clinics, Vilnius, Lithuania


10.15 Scoliosis : Why it is important with low level laser? by Anne Harila


10.35  Bone, cartilage, soft tissue, nerves. LLLT lasers and class" 4 lasers» Which treatments results can be expected?  "Class 4" lasers for  the treatments, is it  better than Low Level Lasers are ?   by Anne Harila


 10.50  Low Level Laser and Fatique syndrom by Anne Harila


11.00  Lecture:Yellow laser: A new option for prevention and  treatment of lifestyle-related  diseases.  by  Dr.Daniela  Listscher, MSc, PhD (Medical University of Graz, Austria)


11.30 Lecture:Local and systemic effects of laser stimulation. by Gerhard  Litscher, MSc, PhD, MDsc, (Univ. Prof (Medical University of Graz, Austria)


12.15 Low Level Laser treatment on patients with low back pain, by Sarah Andenmatten,(Biovitalis Marti,Thun ,Switzerland)


12.40 Low Level Laser treatment on patients with neck and shoulder pain.  by Anne Harila


13.00 -14.00 Lunch


14.10 "Laser watch - A new option for simultaneous laser blood irradiation and laser acupuncture" by Dr. Gerhard Litscher


15.30 Coffee


15. 45 Laser Safety.      by Lars Hode


16.30  Lecture: Low Level Laser and Allergy, In our study we investigated the effect of Low Level Laser by applicatio of 532 and 680nm on patints suffering from Rhinitis Allergica. by Marti Mijic,Prof.Peter Marti(Biovitalis Marti, Thun Switzerland)


16.50   Low Level laser for gum pain, jaw pain,  facial pain.     by  Anne Harila


17.00   What is the difference between laser burns and burns caused by the open fire,

             boiling water or wounds caused by chemical peels or other chemicals ?   by Lars Hode  



 19.00 Dinner.





09.00 Fractional  CO-2 lasers  for different patholigies.  by Lasertherapist Anne Harila

09.20 Tattoo removal  and different lasers.  by Lasertherapist Petter H. Westerby, presented by Anne Harila


09.30  Coffee break


09.40  Tinnitus - Low- Level- Laser for inner ear diseasesby Anne Harila


10.00  What can laserdentists do for their patients?  by  Dr. Mohammed Saleem Alhabeel



10. 15 Hyperpigmentation is a big problem for many. Can be treated with Low-Level Laser with good results.

               by Anne Harila

10. 30 Nail fungus.


10.40  Lasertreatments with Low-Level-Laser for Herpes Zoster and Post Herpes Zoster. by Anne Harila


11.00  Rosacea - which nm lasers can be used, and can give long term cure, and for how many years? by Anne Harila



The Norwegian and Swedish Medical Aid  Authorities had therapy workshop with painkillers and other treatments for knee arthrosis. Low level laser got evidence 1a.  Laser got better effect than painkillers.   by Anne Harila


11.40  Low- level- laser for plantar fasiit. by Anne Harila


12.00  Low- level -laser for bone membrane inflammation. by Anne Harila


12.20 Modic is an inflammation that can come after a prolapse. Bacteria attack vertebrae and can be compared             with a growing fracture in the back. Lasertreatments alone gives good results without antibiotics cure.

          by Anne Harila


13.00 - 14.00 LUNCH


14.20   Discussion about scientific dose and practical dose.


 14.50 Education in Lasertherapy ? Certification ?


 15. 00